Friday, January 28, 2011

"Encaustic Still Life" Floral Oriental Impression

This encaustic still life is 18"x30" framed; it is the first still life I have done painting with molten, pigmented beeswax.  Celeste Bergin of the Portland Plein Air and Studio Painters presented a challenge to artists in the month of January and this painting is my response to  that challenge.  Three photos were given as inspiration: animal; building; and still life.  On February 1, 2011,  all paintings submitted in response to the challenge will be posted,  My daughter has asked for this painting so it will eventually hang above her piano. -JAS


  1. It's a gorgeous painting, Janet, bravo!

  2. Beautiful job on this, Janet! Love your background!

  3. It looks wonderful and serene. I love the light and all the golden qualities.