Thursday, September 1, 2011

Landscape Encaustics 12"x12" Framed

This is a new series of 2 Encaustic (molten, pigmented beeswax) contemporary landscape paintings.  Each is 12"x12" unframed, and 18"x18" framed. These 2 paintings are on display at the Oregon Society of Artists during this month of September 2011. -Janet Amundson-Splidsboel




  1. Gorgeous! Will try to stop by when I am in PDX during the month.

    I even bought some beeswax and will try encaustic this fall. Have been doing watercolor batik with parafin recently, so time to move to the "real thing."

    Still LOVE your figures!

  2. What beautiful colors and compositions to find on this lovely September morning. Your work, as always, is wonderful.

  3. All paintings are hand-painted oil painting .The quality of paint pigment is stable and the color is not easy to change, which is up to the international detection standard of environmentally friendly materials. We pursue high quality of the painting and precise control of the detail.

  4. When I buy a new house, it seems to be with something more in it, after many minutes, I think about it--- oil paintings , my house then seems so beautiful!