Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mother Child Series 12"x12" Encaustic figurative Janet Amundson-Splidsboel

This 12"x12" encaustic painting is one of 3 in a series of Mother and Child.  Viewers still ask me if my work is a painting with wax put on top of it.  I explain that no, it isn't.  The painting is done entirely with layers of molten, pigmented waxes, with each new layer fused into the underneath layers of wax with a propane torch.  There is no photocopy or collage in my paintings.  With regard to this theme, I don't want sugary sweet but people seem drawn to the mother and child and so am I.  I would appreciate your thoughts (in my last blog post, people's comments were rejected, but I believe and hope that problem has been remedied.)   -Janet Amundson-Splidsboel


  1. This is a beautiful, sensitive painting. I know how tricky figures can be in encaustic, but you have mastered this medium.

  2. Just beautiful, Janet! Thanks for sharing this wonderful, intimate painting.

  3. Janet, I know you said on your facebook page that this took twenty layers of wax. How long does it take to do twenty layers on a 12" x 12"? However long, it appears to all be worth it!

    1. Dee, there is no drying time since the layers of wax harden immediately. What takes time is the subtle application of color with the molten, pigmented waxes, and the detail. A painting of this size can usually be done in a couple of days. Thanks for your steady support. I love your work, too. The flowers you recently posted are stunning.