Monday, November 21, 2011

Large 36"x24" Encaustic Figurative Painting, Janet Amundson-Splidsboel

Accepted into Emerald Art Center National Spring Exhibition May 2012, Springfield, OR

"Each Afternoon" is a 36"x24" encaustic painting.  I'm working large to be ready for upcoming venues where larger encaustic works are needed.  There is a lot of beeswax in a painting of this size, and approximately 25-30 layers of molten, pigmented beeswax. I will  appreciate your comments on this one, since it is the largest figurative encaustic I have painted to date.   -Janet Amundson-Splidsboel


  1. There's a lot to like about this painting. The composition is well-balanced, graceful. The palatte is peaceful and harmonious. And the rendering is expertly done. So impressive to think of all the time and patience. And the sheer volume of materials! Wow! Congratulations.

  2. Janet, This is wonderful! So sensitive. amazing to know that SOOOO much work goes into a project like this. Do more! :-)