Saturday, December 31, 2011

"Until You Know Rose" 30"x30" Encaustic Portrait-Janet Amundson-Splidsboel

This is an example of thinking a painting was done and then a few days later realizing I simply had to make changes to it.  This is the final 30"x30" encaustic painting and now I accept it as completed.  This is Rose, and the painting is still entitled, "Until You Know Rose."   The melting wax under the propane torch makes facial features a special challenge.  -Janet Amundson-Splidsboel


  1. Beautiful painting. I understand the challenges of painting figures in encaustic.

  2. Please tell me more. You must also do encaustic painting, I would like to know more about your work.

  3. I have been working in encaustic for 13 years and teaching workshops for about 6 years here in beautiful San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. My personal blog is: and the workshop blog is:

    I used to live in Ashland OR and saw my first encaustic painting in Portland about 14 years ago and fell in love with the technique. Portland is a beautiful city and full of wonderful artists as is San Miguel.

  4. Ezshwan, I am happy to know you. Your abstract encaustic on your site is stunning. It makes me want to try an abstract. Yours really speaks to me.

  5. Janet! I love how you handle encaustic to create such beautiful and feminine paintings! Each painting is a delight and I enjoy following your blog to see what is new and to read about your thought processes and goals!

    Your blog is a treasure so I am passing along an award to you, The Liebster Blog Award. It originated in Germany and recognizes up and coming bloggers. It is meant to showcase those who have fewer than 200 followers. (Liebster means "favourite" or "dearest" in German.) This is done in the spirit of pay-it-forward. In accepting this award, the recipient agrees to:

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    Happy New Year! Katherine

  6. Beautiful painting.You must also do encaustic painting,

  7. That is beautiful. I love the bright color and soft rendering.